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Mark Kirby

President & CEO

Fortress Advanced Bioproducts Inc.

As a founder and CEO of S2G BioChemicals Inc., Mr. Kirby led the company over a 10-year period, securing investment, government funding and strategic partnerships that enabled it to develop into a leading bioproducts company with second-generation technology for the production of sustainable food ingredients and biochemicals. In 2018, S2G was acquired by Fortress Global Industries and Mr. Kirby became the CEO of the the Fortress Advanced Bioproducts Division.

Prior to joining S2G, Mark has led business development, operations, technology development and commercialization in the food, industrial gases, fuel cell and forest products industries with global industrial gases company Praxair and with cleantech start-ups QuestAir Technologies and Ballard Fuel Cells.

Highlights include the Chairman’s award for Praxair’s growth in the global pulp and paper sector; the integration of 25 formerly independent distributors into Praxair’s state-of-the-art and highly-efficient $170 million/yr Ontario distribution division; business development partnerships that enabled Questair’s growth, IPO and eventual sale; corporate development to divest underperforming divisions and streamline Ballard to focus on growth markets.

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