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Helen Gomez Andrews

Co-Founder / CEO

The High End

A life-long supporter of cannabis legalization, Helen was one of the first recipients of a medical marijuana caregivers licenses in New York State for her daughter with epilepsy.

Helen studied Finance and International Business at the NYU Stern School of Business before going on to spend 13 years growing a fruitful, though often mundane, career in the financial industry.

Helen became inspired by the double-bottom-line approach taken by the impact investment network that she became aligned with in her last few years in finance – where the goal of using investment capital to further social and environmental causes did not sacrifice market rate returns. In this community she encountered an aspirational range of trailblazing impact investors, from conscious capitalist, to philanthropists, doctors, foundation directors, social venture founders, regenerative agriculturalists, and the like. With The High End, and the company's desire to promote organic living soil cultivation in controlled environment agriculture, she sees a realistic and unmistakably lucrative venture, but also an opportunity to build a business that is a vehicle for positive change.

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