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Herng Shinn Hwang


Songya Technology LLC

I was born in Taiwan, and had attended a technical college there. I came to US for higher education. I obtained my BS degree from Texas A & M, and my MS and Ph D degrees from Stanford University. My PhD thesis was in heterogeneous precious metal catalysts in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

In my industrial research and development career at Engelhard Corporation, I had worked on catalytic reforming to produce hydrogen (H2) from various hydrocarbons (HC) for fuel cell applications, and also on developing commercial catalysts to reduce various type of engine’s pollutants. In 2007, I had read the DOT’s press release discussing about the advantages of using hydrogen assisted lean combustion for reducing the engine’s emissions. I decided to combine my academic and working knowledge together in my retirement time to develop an on-board catalytic reformer. My purpose is to replace the MIT’s plasma reformer to produce hydrogen for an IC engine. So far, I have obtained three US patents and two US patent pending on the related technologies.

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