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Mark Peltier, USAF


InVironmental Integrity, Inc.
  • Industry:Industrial Microbiology

Early Inspiration

Experienced very close lightning strikes at age 4, which inspired a life-long interest in Atmospheric Electricity and High Voltage

1932 “Frankenstein" Laboratory Scenes at age 7 Provided Life-Long High Voltage Inspiration

Mary Shelly’s: Frankenstein, Book, Inspired my Interest in Electricity and Life

Electronics Education began at age 4 by my father, leading to 60 years interest in High Voltage

Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla’s life stories and inventions inspire my life studies, discoveries, inventions and businesses.

1975, Began to study the influence of lightning and its influence on plant growth increase first reported in the late 1700’s.

1979, Investigated plant growth increase during “Aurora Borealis” events reported near the Arctic Circle

Studied at University of Minnesota Libraries, Bakken Library of Electricity and Life and the US Patent Library, Minneapolis, MN 1979-2000

Explore and Experiment with EMF and microbial metabolism. 2014-Present

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