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Mike Mendelsohn

Chief, Emerging Technology Branch

US Environmental Protection Agency

Mike is Chief, Emerging Technologies Branch, US EPA. He holds a Microbiolgy B.S. from University of Maryland. Mike joined the Office of Pesticides Program of the US EPA in 1987, starting as Product Reviewer and over time taking on roles with increasing leadership responsibility: Regulatory Action Leader & Ecological Effects Reviewer, Senior Regulatory Specialist, Senior Biologist Advisory of the Microbial Pesticides Branch, Acting Chief of the Regulatory Management Branch II, and since October 2017, Chief of the Emerging Technology Branch.

Mike has deep technical expertise in all aspects of pesticide registration, ranging from microbial biopesticides to plant incorporated protectants and RNAi-based pesticides. He has been leading interdisciplinary groups at the US EPA and was implemental for the formation of EPA's new Emerging Technology Branch.

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