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Jeroen Hugenholtz

Groupleader Fermentation

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Jeroen Hugenholtz was trained as fermentation expert at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, where he received his PhD in 1986. After working for various Dutch applied research institutes, such as NIZO food research, he joined Coca-Cola in 2010 as global head of fermentation. In 2013, he joined Corbion as Corporate Scientist, and in 2015 he moved to WFBR as Group leader Microbial Cell Factories. JH also holds a part-time professor chair in Industrial Microbiology at the University of Amsterdam and his major scientific interests are; food fermentation, metabolic engineering of fermentative bacteria and industrial biotechnology. JH is author of over 200 scientific publications and 20 patents. Jeroen’s current activities focus on the use of fermentation to produce natural, clean-label and/or sustainable ingredients for the food industry. These ingredients can be applied for various food functionalities such as preservation, flavor, low-calorie, texture and nutrition & health.

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