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Fluid Quip Technologies

  • John Kwik, Fluid Quip Technologies

Advanced Co-product technologies in ethanol facilities to diversify the bio-refinery and provide new sugar/carbohydrate sources

Fluid Quip Technologies was founded on extensive experience and know-how within the corn wet milling and ethanol production industries. FQT’s engineering and technical leadership team has been developing new technologies and process solutions applicable to the biofuels and biochemical industries for more than 25 years.

FQT has industrialized multiple patented technologies geared toward enhancing the base corn-to-ethanol dry grind process, creating new and novel alternative co-products, and supplying the growing need for carbohydrate building blocks in the biochemical market.

Clean Sugar Technology (CST™) from FQT is here to change everything in the carbohydrate feedstock supply, with low volume at low cost. Using patented, proprietary separation equipment and systems, CST is effectively producing multiple specification, purity sugars for commercial use today.

• Produces an industrial sugar stream and a high-value corn oil stream

• Produces animal feed products, including high-purity protein

• Low cost at any volume

• Commercially ready

  • Date:Wednesday, July 10
  • Time:2:15 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Location:318
  • Session Type:Company and Technical Presentation
  • BIO Track:Renewable Chemicals for a Sustainable Planet
John Kwik
Fluid Quip Technologies