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AI + biology for the sustainable production of chemicals

SilicoLife combines AI and Biology to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically viable processes for the production of chemicals. SilicoLife designs microorganisms and novel biochemical pathways, based on metabolic engineering and artificial intelligence approaches, for the biological production of chemicals, like food ingredients, pharma compounds or biopolymers.

SilicoLife builds computational models of microbial cells and develops proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms to find the most efficient pathways between raw-materials and end-products, exploring and implementing non-intuitive biological modifications.

Leading chemical, materials and synthetic biology companies have chosen SilicoLife as the development partner to maintain their market edge in increasingly competitive markets.

  • Date:Tuesday, July 9
  • Time:1:30 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Location:317
  • Session Type:Company and Technical Presentation
  • BIO Track:Advances in Genome Editing and Genomics
Simao Soares