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  • Martina Bluhm, c-LEcta GmbH

Snack without regrets: Enzymatic in-situ fortification to simultaneously meet

the consumers’ taste expectations and health consciousness

Evolution has blessed us with a sense of taste allowing the joyful consumption of culinary delights,

wheraes especially sweet-tasting food products with high sugar content – indicating “no toxicity” -

catch our attraction. However, the resulting widely spread overconsumption of sugar has turned

indulgence into serious health concerns for the human population: more and more people are

impaired by civilization diseases such as overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Consequently, consumer advisors as well as politicians demand a significant reduction of sugar in

processed foods and c-LEcta as leading biotechnology company dedicated to the development of

enzyme cascades and cell-free biosynthesis approaches this issue with innovative ideas:

We have created proven concepts for the enzymatic in-situ conversion of critical sugars like fructose,

glucose and saccharose into more valuable saccharides while – most importantly - maintaining taste

and texture. By such treatment, foodstuff with added benefits including less sugar, lower calorie

count and reduced glycemic index can be produced. The methods are especially applicable for raw

materials with a naturally high content of sugar like fruit juices and thereby are not only an

alternative to high intensity sweeteners but offer a solution for a so far hardly addressable technical


  • Date:Tuesday, July 9
  • Time:10:15 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Location:317
  • Session Type:Company and Technical Presentation
  • BIO Track:Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow
Martina Bluhm
c-LEcta GmbH