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Mercurius Biorefining

  • Karl Seck, Mercurius Biorefining Inc

Mercurius Biorefining, Inc was established to produce profitable drop-in fuel (Diesel and Jet Fuel) from nonfood biomass feedstocks. Through a process of novel applications of existing technology, Mercurius is developing a non-fermentation, non-alcohol based, “faster ~cheaper~ better” method of producing drop-in biofuels. Mercurius uses a proprietary, patented technology called Renewable Acid-hydrolysis Condensation Hydrotreating (“REACH”) to make profitable drop-in hydrocarbon liquid fuels.

Mercurius simultaneously addresses five key issues:

1. The urgent need for a reliable, economic, scalable, domestic drop-in biofuel;

2. The production of biofuels within a highly profitable business platform;

3. The ongoing need to produce biofuels from non-food biomass feedstocks;

4. The reduction of economically unsustainable dependency on foreign oil;

5. The production of fuels with a near carbon neutral method.

This presentation give an will update on scale-up progress in Au

  • Date:Tuesday, July 9
  • Time:9:15 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Location:318
  • Session Type:Company and Technical Presentation
  • BIO Track:New Frontiers in Bioenergy
Karl Seck
Mercurius Biorefining Inc