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Drystill Holdings Inc.

  • Ian McGregor, Drystill

Drystill has invented and patented (currently 33 international patents) a disruptive alternative to conventional distillation that uses less energy and operates at low temperature. The energy savings make it attractive to many industries but the low temperature makes it particularly important to the biochemical and biofuel industry. Conventional distillation is a hot process that kills yeast (or other organisms) and denatured enzymes. Consequently it can only be used once fermentation is complete. Drystill's low temperature separation technology may be applied to an ongoing fermentation, a practice called CARAF (Concurrent Alcohol Removal And Fermentation). Many researchers have independently confirmed that CARAF brings about major economic improvements, yet it has never been implemented at commercial scale for want of a viable low temperature separation technology. Drystill believes its technology fills that need and has corroborating evidence to present.

  • Date:Wednesday, July 10
  • Time:1:30 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Location:317
  • Session Type:Company and Technical Presentation
  • BIO Track:Renewable Chemicals for a Sustainable Planet
Ian McGregor