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Hemp is a newly legal & lucrative US crop: Breeding, production, supply chains & markets for food, feed, flower & fiber

  • John McKay, New West Genetics,
  • Brian Anderson, Bunge North America,
  • Trey Riddle, Sunstrand

Sustainable cropping options are limited. Only a fraction of plant species on earth have been bred for predictable & industrially useful traits. Often, potentially useful plants have challenging genetics that prevent domestication, but one historically-useful crop has been blocked by government regulations: Hemp. This is changing rapidly: The 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp fully legal & cultivatable in the US. The crop is useful as a nutritious grain, a source of flavors, fragrances, & pharmaceuticals, plus as a sustainable source for fiber. Panel is moderated by industry veteran Dr. Daphne Preuss, & provides different perspectives on this newly-emerging crop: Dr. John McKay (New West Genetics) covers C. sativa genetics, including a recently-completed genome, pertaining to the characteristics of flower. Dr. Brian Anderson (Bunge) covers the nutritional value of hemp grain for food and/or feed. Dr. Trey Riddle (Sunstrand) covers the desirable traits for natural hemp fiber.

  • Date:Wednesday, July 10
  • Time:10:15 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Location:319
  • Session Type:Breakout Session
  • Presentations Materials Available :Yes
  • BIO Track:Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow
John McKay
New West Genetics
Brian Anderson
Bunge North America
Trey Riddle